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Use all of our contact info below to reach out to Horton, Lee, Burnett, Peacock, Cleveland & Grainger, P.C.— We’ll be happy to assist you however we can.

3800 Colonnade Pkwy, Suite 500
Birmingham, AL 35243



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Hello and welcome to Horton, Lee, Burnett, Peacock, Cleveland, and Grainger, P.C., or HLB for short. While you can shorten our name it by no means shortens your services from our experienced team of Certified Public Accountants. We do not use the term experienced team lightly either, HLB has been your accounting expert and partner in the Southeast since 1967. With an ever growing staff of 19 CPAs, HLB is here 365 days a year to help you reach both your personal and business goals.

Choosing HLB as your accounting firm is a critical factor in achieving your personal and business financial goals. At the beginning of our long-term relationship, your decision represents a major step for both you and us. You’ll want to make sure the accounting firm’s philosophy and technical capabilities are compatible with your requirements and expectations. The only way you can do that is to meet us.

Lets get together and talk — about your needs, about what we can do for you and those short term and long term financial goals for your life. We are more than pencil pushers, we are real CPAs working for you.